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Bubble shooter, the most addictive online game. This game will keep you addicted for a few hours everyday. Bubble shooter started it's way 2 decades ago on the old classic pc's and now it comes in different varieties. Join thousands bubble shooter fans around the world and make your way to the top. if you are tired about this game, you can look for some more bubble shooter games at our friend's website. We will sure you will enjoy the games here though.

Bubble shooter came to the hearts of many around the world, making itself the number web online game for a few years. The beauty of it is the simplicity of the game. Try your way to make it to the top scores. in we will try to arrange contest every now and then, with awesome prizes. There is no date for now but it will be soon to come.


Puzzle bubble game, isn't it addicted? Make your way to the top score with these 2 amazing little dinosaurs. Puzzle bubble aka puzzle bobble is one of the top 5 most played puzzle games in the world. Because of the huge success gamers and programmers started developing similar games, trying to get surfers attention on the web.

puzzle bubble may look simple but it is way harder then it seems, give a try and try to make it to the final stages. many countries around the world tribute their share to the game, making it in different varieties, different shapes, different dragons to shoot the ball. Maybe this is the main reason it is well known around the world